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Our Goal.

  • Teach and educate athletes all ages and abilities on the importance of developing proper movement patterns, body mechanics, and training habits as they pertain to their individual physical development as athletes.
  • We offer an all-inclusive program that tackles all physiological variables such as strength, power, mobility, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, coordination, and common injury prevention.
  • We evaluate our programs and athlete’s performance with basic performance tests/screens that have been accepted as the best outcome predictors of athletic performance to ensure that continual progress is being made.

Injury Prevention.

  • We prioritize proper movement patterns and injury prevention in ALL of our programs we offer. Learning how to efficiently absorb forces that are placed on our joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments is extremely important in reducing the risk of injury in sport.
  • Every session will also encompass dynamic warm-ups, stretching/mobility/injury preventative exercises pre/post training to educate and reduce risk of future sport specific injuries.

Athletic Development.

  • Power, speed and agility are dependent upon 4 variables. 1.How fast you can absorb force 2.How fast you can re-produce force 3.How much total force you can produce and 4.How you apply those forces (i.e. body mechanics).
  • Our programs focus on all 4. We address rate of force production (power) by including high speed plyometric type exercises and explosive resistance training exercises. We address force absorption and maximal force production with resistance training, and we address body mechanics by drilling and educating athletes about proper running/skating/change of direction techniques.





CPR/AED/First Aid


M.S. Exercise and Sport Science-Strength and Conditioning – University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

B.S. Kinesiology-Human Performance – University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


Former collegiate level hockey playing experience – University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Played high school Varsity football and hockey.


2019 – Professional intern strength & conditioning coach with the Wisconsin Badgers working primarily with men’s & women’s hockey, men’s & women’s basketball, men’s & women’s golf, cheer & dance.

2017-2018 - Studied Exercise & Sport Science at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse while working as a strength and conditioning coach primarily with the eagles football, wrestling, & baseball teams.

2015-2017 – Head CrossFit & Head Sports Performance Coach at LIFT Athletics/CrossFit in Wausau, WI.

2011-2015 – Studied Kinesiology & Human Performance at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Coach Kyle graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a M.S. in Exercise and Sport Science where he also worked as a graduate assistant sports performance coach with the Eagles football, wrestling, baseball, tennis, track and field, and gymnastics teams. In 2015 he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a B.S. in Kinesiology-Human Performance while also playing 2 years of NCAA WCCHA college hockey. Most recently he worked as an intern strength and conditioning coach at the University of Wisconsin working alongside the Badgers basketball, hockey, golf, cheer, and dance teams. Kyle graduated from Antigo High School (WI) in 2011 where he was a 2-sport athlete in football, and an all-state hockey player. As a coach Kyle has worked with all levels of athletes, from youth to elite college and professional level athletes to general population in both a gym and rehabilitation setting.